A Nurse's Prayer to Administration

  1. Just thought I would put a note here in answer to the first answer posted....

    I have a spine and I am trying to help my profession!! Finding a way to vent some of my emotion is not spineless!!

    Dear Lord,

    Give to administrations's heart compassion...
    the ability to understand
    the lack of service & lack of care
    each patient gets and won't receive due to understaffing!

    Please Lord,
    Open administration's eyes to the injustice done to our patients
    when a nurse is reduced to being a "pill chunker"
    instead of a caring and understanding nurse
    as well as "just" a human being!

    Please give to administration & "the corporation" enough intelligence to realize that money spent on building, remodeling & creating new units of any kind
    could be better spent on staffing existing units.
    Please Lord, help them realize they are only creating "another understaffed unit."
    Help them to understand the these units won't give any better care
    than already existing understaffed units!

    Please give them the compassion & understanding
    that most nurses are altruistic and care enough for their patients
    "to keep on keeping on"
    even though the stress created by understaffing is slowly killing them...
    be it physically or mentally!
    Help them realize that "ADMINISTRATION & THE CORPORATION" are the cause of "burn-out"... NOT OUR PATIENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lowanda Young RN
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