A Nurse with Vasovagal Syncope Syndrome? - page 2

Hello everyone. I have been checking out this site for several months now and have decided to post and join the community. I will be attending a BSN program for Nursing starting in just a few months.... Read More

  1. by   AlyM
    Oh my gosh!!! This helps so much...I just had blood drawn today...and fainted dead away!!! I have watched open heart surgery and seen a lot of blood during deliveries etc... it never bothered me. It seems to only bother me when it is MY blood!!!

    This was the first time I had to fast before getting my blood taken and I have low BP anyway (110/65)- My doctor says when I'm pregnant, I must get blood taken lying down!!!

    Thanks for all of the great posts. I start an accelerated BSN program next month and was getting nervous!!!