A move to another program

  1. After six weeks in my LPN program, I have left. It's not because of the work and I didn't fail anything, it's because I knew that program was just not going to work for me. It's basic structure was just not conducive to me doing well.

    I did some research and discovered another program that is not so far away, at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. I'm VERY excited about this, and plan to try to get into the program next fall. I have my admission info today and I'm gearing up to write my essays.

    Everything I have learned about this program shows me that it is much more helpful, with labs open and available with staff to help, teachers who will demonstrate a skill more than once, and no more 2-times or you're out tests to give me migraines. It's about LEARNING and encouraging that process.

    Can anyone tell me more about the Christ Hospital program? I have spoken to a student who went there and she told me she loved her nursing program. I can't imagine, after what I've been through with the first program...actually LOVING this process! I'm so psyched! Now, understand, I know nursing is hard, and I'm not going to love all of it....but the program I was in was just very wrong for me. Everyone learns differently, and I believe this will be a much better fit!

    Thanks for all the support...I'm GONNA BE AN RN!!!!!!!!!

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