9-11 Never Forget

  1. I just saw the movie World Trade Center last night. Therefore in posting this thread, I would like to pay homage to all of the brave first respnder workers who so courageously took on a mission, I'm sure, like many of them had never seen. :bowingpur These human beings were somehow able to look up at one of the tallest buildings, on FIRE!!!! and go up there in the hopes of rescuing a fellow man "...just because it was the right thing to do." This was a quote from the movie. :bowingpur The 9-11 attacks was the most horrible attack ever seen on American soil, and was utter terror of immense proportions for many, but if you look closely you will see something far more meaningful, which was the unparalleled courage, bravery, and truth of the human soul. This is the part that we must never forget!!!! So my question to all nurses, nursing hopefuls, and other healthcare workers on the forum is this: has witnessing the bravery, courage, endurance, tenacity, strength,etc of the fd, pd, military, ems, medics, etc. helped you at all as a nurse? I know that nurses have most of these qualities, but most of us work in the cushy hospital setting thinking " I've been on my feet all day, I've got it so bad... while these workers navigated through the immense pile of debris that used to be the World Trade Center just in hopes that they might find someone alive and save them. After seeing the film, I thought, wow, maybe we don't have it as hard as we think??? Also, how can I attain more of the qualities of those ppl and apply it to my daily life?
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    Hi RNCRNA, I live in NNJ. I want to see this movie, but I just cant. I worked with these guys after and up to a year later (medical massage therapy). The way they came together and helped each other is unbelievable, and I am talking about everyone that came there. I saw it time and time again, not just at Ground Zero, but in the fire houses too. I did watch "Ladder 49", did you see that movie? I cried when I saw that. Too many memories of Ground Zero to watch this latest movie. As a prior medic, hospital and deployments, I appreciate what I have. I love teamwork and I think its important to work togehter and help each other out. Sometimes when I read posts about nurses eating their young, I find it unbelievable to see this behavior going on. This is not good, we inn the medical field need to stick together and help each other out. Best of luck too you