80y/o men in tiger stripped thongs

  1. Chuckies post in the thread reguarding underwear crakced me up, and inspired me to ask this question of you ER nurses out there!

    WHat are the strangest/funniest cases or things you have seen!
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  3. by   FBB044
    One of the funniest things that I have ever see in the ER was a guy that had a tatoo on his penis that said "Gods gift to women". By the looks of him I don't think that it was necessarily a true statement.
  4. by   spudflake
    I took care of a real macho cowboy one night. Big belt buckle from the rodeo, boots. stetson, the works!! He'd been gorged in the thigh and we had to get his pants and boots off. He put up quite an arguement over it. Wanted me to cut off his jeans like shorts and let him keep his boots on. I told him he wasn't going to die so he could take his boots off Well, I soon found out what all the balking was about. This tall macho, very good looking cowboy had on very expensive lacey panties and his toenails were painted a cool shade of pink. All I said "Gee, that's a good color for you"

    Also took care of a 12 y/o roper. The kid was great. Got his hand caught in the rope and had his middle and index finger amputated. He was soooo brave. Dad was there and he showed me his hand and HE was missing the same two fingers. Mom shortly arrived at the ED and guess what ...yup...she was missing her fingers too. I asked if it was a genetic defect
  5. by   ICUBecky
    OMG...i don't know what i would have said to the macho cowboy. i'd probably have to leave the room and laugh that is soooo funny. the penis tattoo is great too. bet it was painful to get it done..in that delicate of an area!!
  6. by   NurseStudentFall01
    I just started clinicals a couple months ago, so I haven't seen much in the hospital setting. I used to work at a bookstore tho and this real tough looking guy used to come in and buy the biker magazines all the time. He must have had 20 tatoos on visible areas alone. His favorite tho was one he showed me by pulling down on his bottom lip. Written just inside were the words "Sit here." Funniest tatoo I ever saw!
  7. by   Dave123
    I saw several years ago a "Prince Albert" hung up in a girl's braces. It looked painful and was funny as hell. Sucked to be them