*the perfect nursing job in los angeles*

  1. is there such a thing?

    i'm posting because lately, i've been having more bad days than good days.

    can anyone relate to this: i love (most) of my co-workers and patients- even some of the psychotic high maintenence ones but hate the hospital/management in regards to nurses??? all they seem to care about is customer satisfaction polls- but how can they expect so much although while cutting staff left and right?

    i had my doubts working in any tenet facility (based on this website and from others) but i took the plunge at usc university- cutting edge technology, great staff. but after being here only 2 years of trying to do more with less, fighting for but unsuccessful at unionizing and now, to find out they are trying to go for magnet status!!!! what a joke, i can't bear to go to work and see the suits anymore.

    my ideal hospital is: not another tenent facility.
    -upholds safe staff ratios (even though our governator sold us out)
    -nursing retention by pay scale and encouraging and providing training programs
    -has great benefits and pension- does this exist anymore?

    kaiser permanente is the only one that i know but i guess thats why its so darn hard to get a job there.

    any nurses that know of other hospitals in los angeles that is an ideal place to work- or am i dreaming? then thanks for letting me rant and dream
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