? regarding your MRSA policy???

  1. Hi...

    I just quit a LTC facility and we had one lady with MRSA in the nares. Our policy stated that she had to be masked if leaving the room and when we entered the room staff was masked and gloved. Gowns worn with direct contact. All linen red bagged and dishes were disposable. We as staff felt comfortable with this and she had been MRSA free for a few weeks.

    I start orientating at a new LTC facility monday. They have several residents with MRSA...I don't know yet where...nares/urine etc. The policy given to me are gloves for contact, gowns if body fluids expected or known, does not mention masks, linen red bagged, no disposable dishes. Now my research from the past and a new quick check indicate this should be acceptable, but which the slight risk of spreading thru the facility....is this enough??

    I'm interested in your policies and practices on this in LTC and hospital settings.

    Thanks Lisa
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  3. by   bellehill
    Hey Lisa,

    At my hospital all patients who come from nursing homes, have previously been positive or are dialysis pts are all screened for MRSA and VRE.

    Our MRSA policy states all employees must have gown, gloves and mask when entering the room, they must be taken off before exiting the room. Hands must be washed with anti-microbial soap. If the pt leaves the room they must have a mask on. Visitors are very encouraged to wear gown, gloves and mask also. In order for a pt to be taken off contact isolation they must have three consecutive negative cultures at least 24hrs apart.

    This is a fairly new policy but seems to be working quite well. The only frustrating part is waiting for the cultures to come back to find out they are positive, you have already spread the bacteria.

    Hope this helped! :wink2:
  4. by   KaraLea
    I work at a Psychiatric hospital so we don't have very much MRSA around here. But we did recently have a patient who's drainage from an abcessed ingrown toenail came back positive for MRSA. We basically just wear gloves when changing the dressing and redbag the used dressings. We also make sure he is wearing socks and shoes at all times and after he takes a shower, we spray the floor of the shower with a bleach solution.