"An easy to use & interesting continuing education hours site"

  1. I am doing my continuing education this week. A site I have used the past four years is:
    click on visitor and then nurse and then look at online tests that are available.
    Last week I went over to the library and printed 3 courses and their tests and brought them home.
    One I selected from the Alternative medicine category is: Understanding Chinese Medicine. It is 43 pages long and has 50 questions. It is good for 10 c.e. credit hours. It is an interesting course. It should be titled, "Understanding Holistic Medicine". Anyway, you can read the whole thing on the computer there at home without ever registering. Lots of good info at this site. The 50 questions are , of course, right in the article. Nothing tricky...questions are chronological in the article, that is,....the answer to question # 5 is in the article after the answer to question # 4. You don't have to go back and search thru the article for answers. I did the whole thing , test included in 3 hours. I will go back and read it again at my leisure later...instead of just looking for the "answers".
    This is a good site..they send you a certificate. The courses are accredited. With accreditation #'s.
    This course is $25. Charge Card.
    Once I did it by fax when my liscense was expiring the next day!
    They were very helpful.
    Anyway, an easy to use site, and an interesting course that I can use for self'improvement, good health and all that.
    Thought I'd pass it along.
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  3. by   a-rose
    Thank you very much!
    I put http://www.netce.com into my favorite. I hope that I can read the courses by visitor.
  4. by   joyrochelle
    as a new grad, i have a questions about ceu's....at the end of your two year licensure time, do you submit your certificates of ceu's earned? how do they keep track of that? when you earn them does the accrediting program send notification of the ceu's you had just earned or what? i am kinda confused about that....
  5. by   prn nurse
    We do not submit the certificates of ceu's earned to anyone. I just keep mine at home in a file labeled "Nursing Stuff". The State Board of Nurse Examiners can request to see my continuing education certificates at any time. (To ascertain if I am in compliance). If they notify me that they want to see my ceu certificates, then I would make copies for my files and forward the certificates to them. That is the only time we have to submit them to the state board....if they request to see them. And they do request a certain number each year.
    The secret to compliance and staying out of trouble with the board and protecting your license is to be sure you have completed your required # of ceu's BEFORE your liscense expires. (That is why one year i was hustling and faxing , etc.)
    Even if you are one day late...and complete the ceu's one day after your liscense expires and you have checked off on your liscense that "Yes", you have done your Ceu's, your butt is up the creek if the state board nabs you in their audit.
    And, your employers sometimes wants your ceu's in your employee file.
    This company, netce, also keeps a record of your courses. But ultimately, it is up to each individual nurse to know what her state requires, and to have the courses completed the day BEFORE his/her license expires. And keep records in the event you are selected for an audit.
  6. by   boggle
    joyrochelle, in michigan, you are responsible for keeping the proof of continuing education hours. you don't have to submit the proof when you renew your license, just sign that you have completed the required number of hours.

    but........you may be the lucky one who gets audited by the state, and then would have to submit your documentation of the ceus.

    i have the license renewal/continuing education paper from the state here in front of me (actually on my bulleten board) and i can't find any mention of how many years you have to keep your documentation.

    so i just make a file for each licensure period, and keep my ceu ducuments in there,....forever i guess!

    another great place for free!!!!! on-line continuing ed credits is


    thanks for the netce site, prn nurse!!