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  1. Hi im a paramedic(NREMT-P) working on a nursing degree. im only in my second year of a BSN and dont start clinicals till next year. im wondering if other paramedics that have become nurses or paramedics who are going through nursing clinicals now are have felt or are feeling frustrated in only being able to watch nurses doing skills that we have done for years i.e. IV's, giving meds, intubating, ACLS stuff, etc.. im also wondering if preceptors let you do any of those things, other than intubations, early on in clinicals. just curious.
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  3. by   AlexCCRN
    Nursing programs are highly regimented. While SONs may acknowledge EMT-P skills, it's unlikely that you will be allowed to demonstrate/practice until you've reached that phase of clinical training and have been 'retaught'. When you get to the hospital, as a new graduate, you'll be expected to attend to agency training and certifications as well. By then, hopefully, your employer will recognize your competencies and fast track you through skills orientation. Plan on being frustrated until 3-6 months post hire. Then you'll be unleashed.
  4. by   CV_LVN
    It's the same deal for LVN's going back to school to be RN's, we have to sit around and watch in clinicals doing things that we do everyday also, IV's, IV pushes, meds, dressing changes etc. Usually after the first semester you'll be able to do things on your own (usually with a nurse or the instructor present), but I know the feeling!
  5. by   sharann
    Your scope as an RN is probably going to be less than it is now. As an EMTP you can intubate while MOST RN's do not(I never met one who has personally). You will do well in the ER probably where there is more autonomy although you never know. You may find your niche elsewhere like Peds or MedSurg or ICU. Good luck.