Gen CHM and Gen Bio same semester?


I have to take both Gen Chem and Bio before i can start A&P. I'm pretty comfortable with general biology but i have absolutely NO background in Chem at all.

Is it doable to do both this fall? If I don't I'll be putting of A&P by a semester and I'm not sure I can do that without putting off my program application too.

If it doesn't involve a bunch of 5 page essays I think I'll manage...


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Right now, I 'm taking Gen chem and Bio together...For me, it has Bio teacher is a better teacher then the Chem teacher...So when things overlapped I had a better understanding in Chem because of Bio...Its totally doable and like u said NO ESSAY'S...btw I'm maintaining A averages in I'd say go for it


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Well that sounds pretty positive :D


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I took General Chem and General Bio together last year for both semesters. It was not easy, but it was definitely doable. General Chem and General Bio are well-known for being "weed-out" classes at my school, so they were a bit difficult. If you're taking a full load of classes, you will need to know how to manage your time well. If you can do it, it's a breeze. I didn't get lower than a B in either of them for both semesters. Also, it was nice to see some overlap in the material because in essence one of my classes was reinforcing another one of my classes.

I hope this helped!

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