Gen chem lost!


I'm currently taking chem 2 and it's a mixture of organic and biochem.

I'm so lost!

I ask the teacher for help and constantly go to tutoring but I cannot grasp the concept. I wanted an A in this class to balance out the C I have in chem 1.

Unfortunately I don't see that happening :(

Now I'm questioning myself on if I'm choosing the right path or not.

I've been a nursing assistant for a year now and love what I do and can see myself being a nurse in the future but I feel like I have no chance in being accepted into a program.

Guess I need some tough love or words of encouragement!


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Use all the free resources out there. I've found science professors to be very unhelpful, especially in lectures. What I'd recommend is finding tutoring, hopefully for free. I don't know if you're back in school or in school your first time around, but many schools have programs where you can get free tutoring. As someone who dropped Organic Chemsitry, here's your word of encouragement: Be glad it's not purely organic. ;). With that said, we all struggle with classes. This doesn't mean that you're not cut out for the field. It doesn't mean that you won't get into nursing school (If that's so, I don't need to be trying at all). You can find many threads on here about people who had low GPAs getting accepted into a nursing program.

With that said, you can get through it. Just find different resources. Many times, the information itself isn't complex, but the way the professor presents it is. Khan Academy is an excellent resource. he explains things slowly and precisely, many times putting it in a much simpler, succinct way. Best of luck.