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Gearing up for round two!!


I just found out that I was granted an interview for this year with MSA! My problem is that last year I was so nervous and to tell the truth it was a very laid back interview style that I wasn't prepared for. The big question was, Do you have any questions for us? I had my rote questions ready and questions about their program but then I couldn't think of anything else to ask. 1) I worked in the OR 2) I have had many shadow opportunities. I didn't want to ask any dumb questions that would make them think hmmm! this person has worked in an OR and is asking about this topic! I spent a lot of time with the CRNA's asking boatloads of questions, I have read articles. I am stumped with what kind of questions to discuss! Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated! :)

Ask about first-time pass rates on boards for graduates, ask about attrition rate, ask about whether you get adequate amounts of all types of experiences (lots of places skimp on regionals/peripheral nerve blocks for SRNA programs). Ask if there are opportunities to remain involved with the program after graduation (teaching, precepting, etc). Good luck!

Ask what they think the weak areas of their program are. No program is perfect. Are they working at changing these things? Should you be concerned how that would affect your education? They should be able to give you honest answers.

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