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Can anyone tell me is this program manageable while working fulltime and are the papers hard ? I am terrible at papers... Thank you in advance. 

Vee D, ADN

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I'm looking into gcu aswell pricing is my concern


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I am currently doing the concurrent enrollment while in my ADN program. It is very manageable while working full time. You mostly have to post discussions (6-8/weekly over 3 days) and write papers, sometimes there are group projects but it is doable. I work full time and take the GCU classes while my ADN program is on Summer and Winter break. The price isn't so bad since I am still working and they do offer a discount for concurrent enrollment students I think the entire cost of the program was just under $13-14,000 but while I am in school, I pay per class so it's about $860-$870/class with textbooks (online) included.

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