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I am currently about to start my last class at GCU to complete my ADN-BSN. I am having an extremely difficult time finding a preceptor. Due to the difficulty the program has approved a virtual preceptor for 1 hour/per week meeting over Zoom, Facetime, etc. If anyone is interested please let me know, I appreciate it! 


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I am also having difficulty in this area. I have two more classes before I start the capstone practicum at GCU. I am trying to secure a preceptor now. I live in Belleville, NJ. Im just curious to see if you were able to find a preceptor. If anyone reading this post that is in my area and is available to help please reach out. Thanks in advance.


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On 5/2/2022 at 7:26 PM, ChristineS2004 said:

Do you still need help? 


Christin, I need help are you able to help me?

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