what is fatty liver, is it of concern?

  1. I know that no one can give me medical advice yet I had a few questions. I went to my doctor in August and he ran a metabolic panel to check my liver. I have been overweight most of my life. I proceed to go to a weight loss clinic and they run tests, all 4 liver enzymes are over a 100. then the test is done a month or two later and it's back to normal yet the ALT is 74 vs the normal 48. I'm not in any pain, but do get discomfort at times and it goes away. I take vit C and B complex and St. John's Wart. Also at the time the weight loss clinic did the test I was just finishing Amoxicillin for a sinus infection. There is gallbladder problems in our family too. and not so much recently, although I do take aleve if I need it, when I was working as a CNA I frequently took pain relievers to ease back pain. I was also on methocarbomal, celebrex, and tramadol for 2 months rt pain from a bad lumbar strain. I'm scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound to check things out. I feel ok but do get tired alot. I would just feel foolish if nothing is wrong. Plus this Doctor doesn't listen too well when you tell him about something that actually is bothering you. ex) anxiety nope nothings wrong your EKG is normal. well i know my hearts ok, geesh. i just get so nervous sometimes, heart races, sweat, nausea and i was asking for advice.
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