Savory Dilators Traceability and Storage

  1. Would like to know how your Endoscopy Lab stores their Savory Dilators. Recent Joint Commission Surveys have cited facilities for storing them flat in the carrying case. Reason: 1. Should hang vertical to allow draining/drying of wire channel 2. Lack of sanitization of the carrying case. Are any of your labs storing vertically? If so, by what means? Also, traceability: Do you keep a reprocessing tag on each dilator and place in the patient record like your endoscopes? Need ideas/suggestions! Thanks for your responses!!!!
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  3. by   heart&guts
    Storage in a flat carrying case is so 1990's. Nowadays, Savary Guilliard Dilators has to be reprocessed and tagged each and the guide wires too. A traceability sticker has to be placed in patient's record. Otherwise, there is an infection control policy breach.
  4. by   Overtime Mom
    Thanks so much for your response! Do you store your Savory Dilators vertically? Possibly in something like this? Dilator Storage - Swinson Medical
  5. by   heart&guts
    Hi, sorry for the veeeeery late reply. Yes we do store it vertically. It's similar to the link that you sent.
  6. by   Overtime Mom
    Thank you!!