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  1. I am looking for a national average repair cost for colonoscope / gastroscope per procedure for an endoscopy unit. I have heard cost anywhere from $8.00 per procedure to $16.00 per procedure. I manage a two room endoscopy unit and using scopes that were purchased in 1999. We have six colonoscopes and 4 gastroscopes that are processed in an automated endoscope reprocessor. I feel the staff works very hard to take care of the scopes and would like to let our physicians know how they are doing in care of the scopes. Last year we did 3,800 procedures and our repair cost including the loaner agreements and all cost associated with shipping and taxes was $10.20 per procedure. Would anyone be willing to share their cost per procedure or let me know if there is a national benchmark range for this.
    Thank-you for any help.
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  3. by   GIRN
    Good question. We've been wondering about this, too. Seems we're always sending scopes in for repair and are looking for suggestions on taking better care of them. We think we're handling them properly, but yet, we have constant repairs. It would be nice to know what the average repair history is and the average cost, as well.
  4. by   MorganO
    I have recently had the sales rep evaluate our costs of repair for our scopes. They were purchased in 2005. The cost to repair these scopes was $25,417.5 since purchase. However we have completed 7447 procedures during that same time. The sales rep quoted the national average to be $15 per procedure which he was able to obtain from the internet. I however have not been able to locate this information. I have asked him to send me a link to this information, but he has not been able to find it for me. For the past 6 months our cost to repair our scopes is $4.34 per procedure. However they are newer than yours and are pediatric scopes. We have 6 pediatric colonscope, 1 regular colonscope, 1 pediatric gastroscope and 4 regular gastroscopes. We have 2 suites, 6 physicians, and 5,340 procedures in 2006. We also use an automated reprocessor. The problem with benchmarking is being unable to find like facilities. Our staff handle the scopes very carefully. It was identified through the description of repairs that the damage was sustained through operator use ie: buckles and insertion tube crushed at varying stages. Hope this information helps.