Pregnancy screening prior to conscious sedation for Endo cases?

  1. Concerning Endoscopy procedures with conscious sedation, is anyone doing routine pregnancy screening for menstruating women? Our primary concern is for those women in their first trimester receiving Versed, Fentanyl and Demerol. Any standards to reference that you know of would be appreciated.:
  2. Poll: Do you screen routinely for pregnancy prior to sedation Endo Cases?

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    • Only for general anesthesia cases

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    • Only if pt. is questionable about poss. pregnancy

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  4. by   EndoRN
    When I worked at a hospital, using IVCS, we only screened when the woman was uncertain.
    Now I work at an outpatient surgery center, using anesthesia sedation, and EVERY woman that still has her uterus gets screened! I'm not even kidding! They get a urine HCG even if their husbands have been fixed. The doctor is not even allowed to waive it. The anesthesiologist has the final say.
    We get many angry women, unfortunately.
    We also get some very surprised women once in a great while, with (+) HCG's.

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  5. by   swmn
    The places I have travelled too don't ordinarily "screen" beyond asking a female patient if she is or might be pregnant.

    If the patient says "Yes, I am or might be" we typically do not do the procedure, but not because of the IVC sedation.
    The way the docs explain it to the patient is they don't want to risk a complication that might require general anesthesia to repair. If the patient is having a little bright red blood PR, usually the doc will do a manual check for roids with the patient unsedated.