New to GI, mistake?

  1. [font=Comic Sans MS]I am very young and very entergetic, I came from the ER, I really needed a break from total chaos. I love the GI job and the patients but I feel as if I hit a dead stop, the clinic I work in does maybe 5-7 cases/daily (Sort of slow) in an 8 hours shift. The nurses I work with think they are overwhelmed and busy, and I feel like I am running circles around them. Am I wrong???? Any advice for a really confused new GI RN? Thanks
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Funny thing is I get paid $2.00/hour more to sit and read a magazine when all our work is done, vs underpaid and overworked in the ER. Puzzling isnt it.
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    regardless of the pay and work or lack there of in your case, you have to be satisfied with your job. our jobs consume a large part of our life. nurses can burn out from boredom or lack of job satisfaction just the same. if you feel the job is bringing your spirit down, i would consider a job transfer. if you truly like gi nursing, i can assure you there are plenty of endoscopy units out there that will work you. i leave my job some days totally exhausted from not being able to sit down or even take a full 30 minute lunch. i go insane when we have several cancellations or no shows & we aren't busy enough.