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  1. I am starting nursing school this fall and discovered this web site in m yinternet travel. I have found it to be a great resource as a student and now I am hoping that I can find assistance with a very personal problem.
    I am seeking information about causes of enlarged pancreas with a prominent common duct. My mother (age 53) recently had a bout of severe upper abdominal pain that radiated into her back. She also noted that after the pain subsided some she felt that she was goin ginto shock. (dizzy, cold, clammy, rapid hear rate)She has had similar occurances in the past but none this severe. She went to her Dr. who ordered a panel of bloodwork and a sonogram and asked her to come back the following week to go over the results.
    During the ultrasound the tech made many measurements from both the front and back. Later that day her Dr called her and told her that he had scheduled her for a CT the following morning. He siad that the sonogram showed that her common duct was prominent and her pancreas was enlarged.
    She meets with her Dr Monday and I am tryng to gather as much information as I can before this appointment so she can go into this meeting with some understanding of possible causes. I live in Alaska and she lives in California so I am trying to help in any way that I can.
    Are there questions that we should ask? Do you know of some web sites that may be useful in better understanding the pancreas.
    I would appreciate any information that you may have.

    If you would like, you may also e-mail me at weaver_heather

    Thanks you so much.
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