Glutaraldehyde: Testing, Monitoring

  1. What type of monitoring do you do for Glutaraldehyde? I have read a ton of literature. I want to know what actual agencies do.
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  3. by   shele001
    We test every day, using test strips, to verify that the Glutaraldehyde is ok. Once a week or when we change out the Cidex, we will also do a testing of the the strips, meaning we dip 3 strips into pure cidex and then 3 strips into cidex that is diluted. This will determine if the strips we use to test the cidex are working.
  4. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Thanks, I've been looking at too much literature ...I need to clarify....What are you doing for monitoring ventilation and vapor levels of Glut? How are you testing to see if the vapor levels don't go above .05ppm?
  5. by   shele001
    We don't test the ventilation ourselves but have clinical engineering come by monthly to do an inspection. I can't tell you exactly how they measure it but so far we haven't had any problems.
  6. by   WaynesvilleRN
    What kind of hood do you have? Is it a Ductless Fume Hood? Does it have built in sensors to check for Glut Vapors?
  7. by   shele001
    All the ducts are in the ceiling. I don't know all the specifics but I can try to find out
  8. by   WaynesvilleRN
    That's ok....Do you keep your solutions under a fume hood? if so and the ducts are in the ceiling then you have answered my question.