Do U Apply Abdominal Pressure During Colonoscopy? - page 2

Are you also asked to apply pressure on the left lower iliac region during colonoscopy, esp after reaching the sigmoid? We're usually asked to do it in order to straighten the splenic and hepatic... Read More

  1. by   SuperSGirl
    I use a step stool, then I put one knee on the carrier so I have good bracing/leverage before applying abdominal pressure. This saves my back and helps me give steady, even pressure. You need to go almost to the groin area and lift up and at an angle. My docs say I'm the pro!!!!
  2. by   janjoy52
    Nice to meet up with another gutsy member of a GI crew. Sounds like you know how to work "under pressure". Do keep your back safe. When all is said and done you don't want your back to be UNdone!
    Take care cecumseeker!