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  1. I am considering taking the CGRN exam and would like some advice from others who have taken it. What materials did you study? Was the exam difficult? Has the cert. made an impact on your career, pay level, or job possibilities? If so, how?


    Teresa RN
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  3. by   MLL
    I, too, would like to study for, and take, the exam. I want the certification for my own self-worth (so to speak). I don't think it will make any difference in the pay I receive (at least at the hospital I am now employed by), but it may help if and when I work in another Endo unit.
    My biggest problem has been in finding materials to study for the exam. Are there study guides, as there are for other certifications, or are you just on your own - studying whatever????

    Any advice for Teresa and I is welcomed.
  4. by   MLL
    By the way, Teresa - if we don't get any results from our posts in this specialty section, we may want to consider posting to General Discussion.
    Have a good one!
  5. by   patsue53
    I took and passed the CGRN exam at the SGNA conference in Nashville 3 (?) ago. My study material was almost exclusively the SGNA Core Curriculum which can be purchased from the SGNA or at any large bookstore. If you can't find it at your local Borders or similar store they can order it for you. I'll bet you can also buy it on although I havn't checked. Also, when you apply to take the exam you have the option of purchasing the Core curriculum as well as a study guide and a sample test which was also helpful. It was a difficult test, but not impossible if you've studied and been working in the GI field for a while. I'd been working in the endo lab for about 3 years when I took the exam.

    It hasn't affected my pay although the hospital where I work has a career ladder which accepts certification as part of the portfolio if I were to apply for a step up in my job classification.

    I took the job mostly for my own professional advancement. I am a preceptor for new hires into the endo lab. I'm also one of a handful of nurses in our lab who performs esophageal manometry and 24 hour pH studies. I'm learning ano-rectal manometry but it's slow learning due to small demand. It's hard to learn it when I do them 6 months apart!

    Another reason I took the exam is that I have an ADN degree and don't really want to go back for my BSN. (I have a BS in English...who the heck needs 2 bachelor degrees? )

    Anyway...I'm not sorry I took the test, but it is a bear trying to keep up with the GI CEU's for recertification in a couple of years.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   ellent100
    Any suggestions on CGRN exam and study manual. Is there a place on line that I can buy it for less then SGNA site. Thanks

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