Galen San Antonio April 2014


I will be starting the LVN day program at Galen in San Antonio in April. Anyone else starting with me?

If anyone else has been in the day program can you tell me what the schedule is like? they still haven't posted schedules and I was kind of hoping to get some idea what it will be like.

Planning for the kids after school is crazy hard since I have no idea what I am

Thanks in advance for any help:)


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I'm not sure if I posted this yet for you...

Our group that started in Jan. was broken up into 3 smaller groups (AB&C)

I was group A so we had Lab on monday and clinicals on Tuesdays. Group B had Clincal Mondays and Labs on Tuesdays. Not sure about C.

Wednesday Thursday and Friday were at the Brownwood building down the street. That was a little frustrating to find out during orientation.

My group started earlier and got out early but I think everyone gets out before 5:30. Plan on starting at 600-630 at clinicals, some started later (9hour days). Plan on Lab starting at 730 and ending around 430. and lectures starting at 8 and everyone gets out no later than 530. Depending on what group you're in. I hope that helps!

Get a stethoscope and a bp cuff if you can.


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thank you! That helped a lot. My schedule isn't up, but they do have my classes and labs on my calendar. As of now it says I have labs all day tuesday and nothing on monday at I am assuming that is my clinical day. What week did y'all start clinical? I am sure you are super busy studying for finals so I won't bug you much...but when you are finished let me know if you are up to helping a new kid Good luck!!!!


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Monday was Clinicals and Tuesday was lab for my group. Clinical sites were available that first week. So keep checking your second or 3rd week (i cant remember) and something should be there.

Are you able to see your class times or what group you're in? It should say G1 G2 or G3. I hate the schedules online but if you go to my calendar and see your classes during the week like fundamentals, you can click on it and then hover over the dates on the small calendar on the bottom you'll see times. I hope that's not confusing. :)