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Galen college of nursing


Hi guys!
I’m currently in the process of applying for Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay campus bachelorette program.
I recently found out the accreditation expires June 2021.
Is it a terrible idea to go into a program without a for sure accreditation? Help!

Do you know how much is the ADN program ? 

Are you still applying ? 

I just finished my first quarter. For the most part I’ve had a good experience. The nursing classes for BSN are hard and extremely time consuming. If you don’t study you will not pass. I’m paying about 4600 a quarter, so per year you’ll probably pay around 20,000

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have taken all the prerequisites already.  I have a B.S already in Biology.  I’m going to speak to the advisor for the ADN program. I’m interested in the Miami Location.