Galen College of Nursing 2014


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I was just wondering if anyone is starting the RN day program at Galen College in St. Petersburg. I'm supposed to start on April 3rd and just wanted to get to know some people before I start. =)

Any students who are currently attending that have any pointers for us newbies? Is it really difficult? I have a strong medical background (medic in the Army, one deployment, and patient care in hospital settings) which I think will help. I know it's an accelerated program so I know there will be some difficulty. Any teachers you love/hate? How much homework is there, generally?



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I just finished my first quarter. All I can say is keep up with your studying and do well on the test and you'll be fine.

Specializes in Trauma, OB/GYN. Has 9 years experience.

Thanks! I'm not too worried about my first quarter as I've taken the courses before (they were military classes so they wouldnt transfer the credits). This is going to seem silly but during orientation, they said everyone dresses business casual there. Am I allowed to bring a hoodie or something to wear? They mentioned it gets super cold in the classrooms. How were your professors for the first quarter?


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Idk I dressed in my everyday clothes jeans and a shirt with a hoddie.