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Galen College - Cincinnati

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I am currently taking pre-reqs at a university in Michigan but the nursing program at this school is about 2 years and I am looking to get started with nursing classes immediately. I have been researching Galen College of Nursing in Cincinnati but there are very mixed reviews. Some people are saying it's accredited, others are saying it's not. There have also been a few reviews that the college is very unorganized when it comes to things like clinicals and aren't very accommodating to students. They do have a 24 month ADN-BSN program, which would be the program that I would apply to. Does anyone attend Galen and have any advice? Or if someone was looking to attend there and decided not to, what are the reasons? Any information is helpful, I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision before I spend so much money to go there.


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