Gaining Medical Office Experience (Genessee-Lapeer)


Hi. I am a pre-nursing student at a college in Flint, MI. I am trying to find a job and at the least gain expereince through volunteering at a medical facility.

So, I was wondering if anyone has heard of or had expereince with medical facilities in the Genessee/Lapeer County area which are willing to help people like me, either with employment or to just gain experience through volunteering?

I have spent the past year looking for such help but have had little luck. Most facilities don't want to help once they hear that I am pre-nursing, one facility even told me I could not participate in a volunteer program because I was to old (I'm only 27!).

Any help or reccomendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

Specializes in Surgery, ER. Has 2 years experience.

I applied to the Genesys volunteer program for hospice. They are always looking for people to help with their patients (running errands, etc) or to help out in the hospice office. Unfortunately, you must first attend a 1 or 2 day a week informational session for a month... every session falls on my class nights or during my kids soccer games on Saturdays, so I have yet to attend.

If you are interested you can apply through the Genesys Hospital website, on the volunteer link... it took them about 3 months to get back to me, despite their need, so don't get discouraged if you don't hear from them right away.

Good Luck