GA Highlands scoring sheet

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


OK, so I am new to this. I am currently a student at Chattahoochee Tech taking my transferable equivalent Highland prereqs. I am hoping to apply to the 2011 Fall program in the Spring.

I was reading the points system and I cannot figure out how to add my points. Where it says divide line whatever into whatever and multiply and divide, and all classes not taken count as so many attempts divided by...Thats literally what is going on in my head..can anyone make this clear to me?

Another thing those of you who made it into this program did any of you have classes you had to take during the program? I will have to take the History and Nutrition at Highlands after being accepted, does this kill my chances? Not to mention my A & P 3 and Public Speaking wont be done until Spring Semester which means they wont get to see those grades before I apply. Does anyone know if I sent in a Schedule of what I am taking along with my application if they will take that into consideration? Don't get me wrong I think their point system is great but I also have my EMT certificate and with the point system it looks like I have no chance to get some extra brownie points.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that can help me.

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