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GA BON NP License issues

Has 6 years experience.

Okay, this is about one of the slowest and "just about" competent BON out there. Be aware if you move to this state and need to get license endorsement or just passed any of the NP exams and need a license. The process takes 6-8 weeks (while I hope my job prospects will be patient with me)!!!!!!!! I called to see the status of my application to which I mailed two weeks ago. The Ga BON stated it takes 10-14 days to reach their office??? What??? Does that make sense?? So, the application reaches the facility and takes an additional time to reach your office, then on top of that another 25-30 days to process. Im sorry I must be living in 1970 or something like that when there were no computers, etc!! Just needed to vent!