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My problem is this. I am a certified Med Ass't from 1986. I am also a CNA, just received my certificate in June 2000. From 1984 to present I have off an on taken a lot of prep classes for nursing. I now have a good job for this area. They pay around $12 an hour an I don't have to pay insurance because my husband works there also.

When I have taken these classes I have tremendous anxiety (fear of failure). I have always come out okay though. But,I have to work my butt off or at least I commit all my waking free time to studies.

I do have a big interest in the medical field. Is it worth it forme to go back to school and give this new job up. My husband makes around $15 an hour and is just getting started with his new job.

I have this big fear of emergency situations and wonder if this should be something I really need to look at as far as school is concerned. I know there are other options in nursing also. But don't know if the pay is there.

By the way, we are also at this time waiting for our house to sell and are renting another so we have double payments.

Would I benefit by going for it or should I just stay put at this time in my life. I am almost 39 and my children are 8 and 11.

Any ideas or comments would be much appreciated.

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