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I am an ADN RN with 6 years of Telemetry + M/S experience and 2 years of Urology experience. I currently work at a smaller hospital in the same company with 96 beds; transferred from working at the main hospital with 800+ beds. I enjoy working in a smaller setting and was wondering if someone could advise me on possible hospitals to look at. I have used Google Maps to locate hospitals but they look to be of bigger capacity. I am familiar with Epic/Cerner.

Would I have to venture outside of the Phoenix area? And if so, could someone with this knowledge expand on the travel/traffic if I were to purchase a house in the Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler areas?

Thank you for your time in advance


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You will be hard pressed to find a hospital if that size within the more metro areas of Phoenix. Maybe more rural, such as Yuma or further north. Maybe Prescott or pinetop. There are a few LTACHs with around 50 bed capacity. Most hospitals in this area are large because they cover large cities and their are less off them. Then the ines close to rural cities are large because they cover the rural cities surrounding them.

My hospital is considerd small at around 350 beds or something along those lines. And we get patients from up to 100 miles away choppered in.


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HonorHealth Thompson Peak is only 120 beds. It's in north Scottsdale off the 101 freeway and Scottsdale Drive.