Future Hopeful Nurse Looking for Assistance! PLEASE!!


I am currently enrolled at Ivy Tech in Indiana and to be quite honest I feel like I have been wasting so much time. I have been taking classes for 2 years now, and yes I'll admit that I have slacked a bit, but I'm starting to realize the importance and pick up the pace now. So now to my real questions..

I need to decide whether to apply for the LPN or RN Program. I know that becoming an RN would benefit me more because there will be more job opportunities available for me, but I also feel like if I become an LPN and get some experience in the field I can earn money while going back to get my RN. I was hoping for some suggestions from people all around! I want to know if new LPN's really even have a chance at finding a job right out of school.

My plan for the past 2 years has been to move to North Carolina (not because of the need for nurses) but because I have family there and I really want to be there. I cant decide if I should stay in Indiana and try to get through the RN or LPN program and then move.

My grades thus far are:

English 111 - A

APHY 101 - (B minimum -- Taking it right now)

APHY 102- Taking this summer

PSYCH - (Have a C in right now, but re-taking this summer)

I am very motivated now and I WILL get an A in psych this summer and I expect to get an A for APHY 102.

I'm sorry this is so lengthy, but none of my friends or colleagues know anything about the nursing program or the opportunities after school. If anyone has any advice on what I should do then please help!

Thank You!


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Honestly, I would say if you can get into either Nursing programs I would go for it. I know in most areas it's hard to even get into RN Nursing Programs. I'm currently going to school at a Community College (and have my Pre-Requisites done) and just got into a RN Nursing program at a University and will be transferring from my community college to the University to start all of my Nursing classes Fall Semester. I would check and see if you can get into the RN program at your school, because the RN program at my school are wanting you to have majority of your Pre Reqs done including Chemistry, AP and other classes finished before you can even be placed on a waiting list and are also going on a point system to who can get into the Nursing Program first. Like I said this is in my area, and not sure if your school is doing anything like mine. If you can't get into the RN program then you can apply to school for your LPN, but either way I would apply for both!

Good Luck with whatever you choose to do!


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Thank you for the response!

I would love to get into the RN program, but I've heard that you NEED all A's on the 4 main courses for points, and then you need to do extremely well on the TEAS test. I am working very diligently now to make great grades on these important classes but I'm worried about getting a couple B's, which is why I thought about going for LPN to begin with.

I'm worried that I could finish my LPN completely and then not have any job possibilities.