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I will be graduating in May from nursing school and I need some assistance. I submitted an application for the Navy Nurse Corp program, but I will not be able to attend training until September or October. I don't want to make a commitment to a hospital knowing that I will not be there that long. I was wonder if anyone knew of any nurse internship that I could apply to, any suggestions will be very helpful. I don't want to just be sitting around all summer letting the skills that I have learned go unused. Thanks so much.


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Hi there and congratulations :yeah: on your upcoming graduation! I am sure you are very excited! While I am not 100% sure of this, I would think that any intern program you did would requie some sort of commitment with the hospital. I had to sign at least an 18 month contract when I did the intern program at my hospital. The program allowed me to float to multiple floors during my first 4 months of employement, which was really nice.

I also graduated in May, but I did not start working until August because I was on a mission trip. I don't think that you will forget what you've learned in those few months, so don't let that worry you. ENJOY your few months with no work responsibilities!! It would be great if I'm wrong and you can find somewhere to work for those months...maybe someone else has more info. Good luck to you!!

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