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Future GA LPN!


After waiting at the edge of my seat since December 2nd of last year, a couple weeks ago I received a letter stating I am officially accepted into the LPN program I applied for.

I think it is amazing and a work of God, because honestly, I had no time to study for my entrance test. I spent probably no more than two hours studying for it. I was taking 18 credit hours in 6 classes to be able to make the summer deadline. The pre-nursing test was right in the middle of finals, and I did not have enough time to study for it! And yes, I know that they also evaluate my references and grade background. I still think that this is a 'green light' from the LORD, showing me this is the way He wants me to go.

I am now even more so learning that one "fruit of the spirit", patience. It so quickly eludes every attempt I make to secure it and grow it in my life! My class has orientation May 14, with class starting the 18th. And I suppose it would be best for me to focus on graduating my CNA class in between as well. I am so excited and looking forward to what is ahead!