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i of course just started school...but am very much looking forward to finishing and moving to a warmer climate as this winters temps have killed any desire to see another i started contacting groups in FL and SC to see at what point they would offer students contracts (so i could begin researching places to live)....the one i talked to said ...sure when do you finish...i said 2 years...he goes "boy you are a type A aren't you" - i LMAO.....just thought it was a funny aside....


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That's pretty I haven't called any hospitals yet, but I have looked around Charleston (where I'm going to move) for places to stay and transportation possibilities, I'll be lucky to finish school with all the daydreaming I do about finally moving and starting a new career. Good Luck, Brandon


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thanks...i just thought it was funny...for me it is just normal to look ahead and plan...guess i am more anal than i thought...

but i must say the CRNA i talked to was super nice and informative...he talked to me awhile about contracts..what to watch for and his experience as a new grad ....very informative.

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