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This kind of goes along with the whole Pt's making you laugh kind of thing....but..I'd love to read some stories like mine...

Patients who apparently didn't listen to the doctor completely when getting information about what to do after procedures while at home and what-not....what goofy things did they come back with???

I worked at a Urology office. The doctor had a pt on Friday to get "snipped" (we always did "snippings" on friday so they'd have the weekend to recover)....anyhow!

The post-snipping instructions were this: In 3 weeks, send back a semen sample in the sterile cup provided so we can see if there are any active sperm left.

Well..on the Tuesday following the procedure (5 days) The front desk called back and said they had "a package" for me. Thats the usual term for the sperm collections. I went up to get the brown bag...when I saw the guys name on it I went..hmm...thats awful soon...Then I opened up the bag. I almost fell over laughing.

The guy had put his semen sample in his empty Percocet bottle and sent it back to us 5 days later!!!

I showed it to the doctor...and he almost fell over laughing too. I had to call the man an re-explain to him the sterile cup and time schedule!!

heheeh! =0)


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