12 Funny Nursing Memes to make your day better!


Need a laugh? Have a few memes!

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They said you have to do it by the book they say. The real world isn't always like the book.

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Not "TGIF"...

Just "IF" (It's Friday)

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Why couldn't you have said something sooner...

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The home health aids will really be able to relate to this one...

6. 36a02750126f70b701f67baf025b9887.jpg

"I think... I'll just stand in this corner right here"

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Wow, what a guy?

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Chansey is the Nursing hero we all need.

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"No matter what, I can't get the noise out of my head" LOL

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Right when you thought it'd been an "easy" shift.

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Take this as a compliment. Your better than WebMD.

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