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Fundamentals HESI

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I take my Fundamentals HESI on thursday and of course our instructors told us nothing to expect. How many questions is it? How long do we have? Is there a good way to study (after asking around it seems there isn't) How do you think through the questions. It seems the material will be pretty basic but 3/4 answers may be correct it's just choosing the "most correct" so how did/do you think through it?

Thanks so much!

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Hey, I took that last semester and got a 99.99% on it and just took medsurg 1 and got a 99.97% on this one. Am I a genius? No. It all comes down to ABCs and ADPIE. Usually you are assessing further because you want more information. Also, neither of mine have been medication heavy. Patient safety is also a biggie. 30 ml per hour is the minimum for urinary output and 100 ml drainage per hour is an acceptable max usually. Go with your gut. People say this all the time, but it's the truth. If you see a weird answer that could be right, but it's not the one you know, chances are it's what you know. Don't let them throw you off. Before you go and pick call the doctor, make sure you have enough assessment data. Breathing and circulation problems usually trump all others. Just read for your classes and know what's going on and you will do great. Also, get the HESI review book (it's green). I didn't use this or study for fundamentals but I did a little for medsurg, which I didn't study much for either, but it is helpful. It shows you what they are looking for. If you keep up with your readings in class and make sure you understand your content, your golden :)

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I took it about a year ago, and it was 55 questions. I got a 99%. I am by no means a great test taker either. That is the best I have ever done. As a previous commenter said, its all about the ABC's. Or as my med/surg instructor told us,

"What's going to kill my patient first?"


Review your major concepts, then remember





And you will be fine.

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