FSW Spring 2018


Hi all!

I am starting this thread to talk to, hopefully, my future classmates! Just curious what everyone got on the TEAS and what their nursing GPA is.

Also, if anyone reading this is already in the program, any and all advice would help. :cat:

Can't wait to hear from everyone!


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Hi guys!

Hopefully we will all get in! I'm nervous and think I have a chance even though my scores aren't the best.

I just finished taking the teas two days ago on 10/12 and finished applying that same day.

Overall points: 69

Teas score: 84

Nursing GPA: 3.17

I've taking all 9 pre-req courses.

.....fingers crossed!


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Hey! I applied for spring. My scores aren't too good, but we'll see happens.

I have all 9 pre-reqs done, 3.3 GPA, 74 on Teas.


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I have all my pre-reqs done as well. I got a 74.7 on the Teas and my GPA is 3.4-3.5


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I applied for spring 2018 ANEW only Lee & Collier.

Overall points: 90

TEAS score: 86 (my reading was bad 70, I am a foreigner ;))

Finished all prerequisites GPA: 4.0

I wish we could all be accepted in the Nursing Program and be classmates. I don't know how many students they planned to accept. It's very competitive, so I am anxious to know the result. The nursing program administration told me that they would try their best to have acceptance letters out by November 8th. Good luck to everyone!!


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I got in also. ANEW -LEE! Congrats to everyone getting in.


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I'm in the traditional program at Lee!