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Hi! I know there are plenty of posts about FSW's program, but after hours of searching I can't seem to find a definite answer. Anyone out there currently in the program, or already graduated, that can give me an idea of what the schedule looks like? Full or part time. I know in general that FT is days and PT is nights/weekend clinical.. but I'm more curious of exact hours. I'm applying in the Fall for Spring 17, and want to know if I can swing FT or need to wait for PT the following Fall. Thank you so much! :)


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I'm in the full time program. I have lecture and lab on Mondays, 9-4:30, Tuesday lab and lecture, 8-1:90, Wednesday are clinical a which is about 6/7 hrs, and Thursday just lecture, 9-12 pm......you do get breaks lol between lab and lecture


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Any one able to help some more with this question. Wondering what the hrs are for the PT program.


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You can always call the office and ask...

Jesula, thank you for your response about the hours you attend! :)

cna5 - I've heard part time is two week nights and clinal Saturday's. However, according to FSW they are temporarily doing away with the part time program while they revamp their curriculum.

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Part time can be 2-3 days at night. Starts at 5:30-8 pm sometimes a bit later but not usually. Clinicals are always done in weekends with exception of second fall you have Monday or Tuesday nights. You also have some Fridays.