Fscj prereqs schedule


I could really use some help. I graduated from HS in 2010 and I am starting back to school FINALLY next month. I am going to register for classes today and I don't now which to choose . I need to take my prereqs so I can apply to the nursing program . My prereqs I need before I can apply are Human Anatomy & physiology 1, human anatomy and physiology 2, chemistry un liberal arts, microbiology , and college algebra. I also need general education courses but they don't have to completed before I apply , just completed before I'm done with nursing program but I am thinking about finishing them all before I apply so while I'm taking nursing classes I can just focus on them. Is that a good idea? Or should I take the 5 pre reqs , apply for nursing then take the others while I'm waiting for nursing to behind or what? The other general education courses are Humanites, English comp, human development , and psychology . if anyone could help me or give advice as to which courses to take per term would be great .