FSCJ NURSING - hopefully SUMMER 2015


Hello every one I had a few questions that my advisors weren't helping me with or I didn't want to sound dumb so I didn't ask lol by the way I'm trying to get my associates

But I was wondering could I get into the nursing program with a good score on my nat and all As but still be enrolled in a+p 2 and micro? If that makes since like I'll still be taking the class while I am applying?

How does the nursing classes work I see alot of people on here hoping they get into night and weekends, I want to get Into day classes, is classes everyday at like a certain time?*

Sorry this is my first year of school so I'm a little confused

how long is the associates in nursing program online it says 16 months does that include pre reqs what's does terms mean is it the same as semester s or once you get into the program y o u just go straight through for example if i were to get into the summer term when would I graduate?

Thank you so much to anyone who answers my questions I really really appreciate it!!!