I am in my junior year of nursing and this one clinical instructor I have seems like she is targeting me. I had some difficulties in the beginning of clinical this semester, mostly time management related and I feel, no, I know, I have gotten much better. However, this instructor doesn't seem to think so. I have tried so hard to make her happy and do well and it just doesn't matter to her. None of my other instructors seem to have a problem with me and have even told me that I'm doing well. The skills are the same in both clinicals, so that's why I'm having such a hard time understanding what I need to do to make this woman happy. Tomorrow is my last day with this clinical instructor and she basically told me tomorrow is when she will decide if I can pass clinical or not. I'm pretty much giving myself an ulcer thinking about it and I'm sure the anxiety won't help me much in trying to be perfect tomorrow but I can't exactly relax thinking about how this one woman can ruin everything for me. I guess I just wanted to vent but if anyone has any suggestions I would definitely appreciate it.:sniff:


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Take a deep breath and just do the best you can do tomorrow;) If for some reason she decides unfavorably I would speak to the DON as you said your skills are the same in the other clinicals.:twocents:


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I have been in your clinical instructor was an absolute a**hole to me, always picking on me, using my careplan and tearing it to shreds to show the class what I did wrong, always using me as an example and trying to nitpick at me. He just did not like what I had to say, whether it was right or not. I hated him and he made my clinical experience miserable for the 5 weeks we had him. I just knew that I had to beat him at his own game. As long as my care plans were done well, as long as my assessments were done to the best of my knowledge, I figured he could have no ammunition against me. And it worked. Once he learned he couldn't pick on me any more because I did my work and I did it well, he kinda left me alone. Don't give her a reason to pick on you, but be ready if she does and your work will speak for itself. Sounds like you are doing fine with the others, some nursing instructors are just evil in every sense of the word. the saying "nurses eat their young" is unfortunately very true, it's almost as if they are threatened by the upcoming future nurses. It's retarded but it happens. a lot of my nurse friends have told me that they had one of those "evil Nurse Ratchetts" at one point in their school. It just makes you grow thick skin since we will inevitably work with someone like that down the road. What you can do is try to talk to the other instructors and switch into their groups, or talk to your advisor. Just keep your head up and don't allow her to use your own work against you, and she won't if she can't find a reason to pick on you! Good luck!


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So the clinical day is over and I have to admit it wasn't so bad. I prepared as much as I possibly could and tried not to give her a reason to call me out on anything and all in all it went well. I was on pins and needles all day but now that its over I feel I did my best and thats all I can do. Thank you for the advice, I guess I won't really know how this woman feels until my evaluation in a week but I think I'm going to be okay.

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