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Frustrated Nursing


When I went to school I thought that it would be easier to find a job, but that has not been the case! I am so frustrated and I have been applying to many hospitals and not having success. I am in the process of getting my bachelors and have been working as an RN for almost 9 months, but the only jobs that will hire me is psychiatric hospital and the jail. I want the experience on a medical surgical floor so it would be easier for me to transfer other positions in a hospital. I do not understand what I am doing wrong!!!!! What courses other than my bachelors should I take? Should I take ACLS? Phlebotomy courses? Please help I really do not know what to do!!!!! I feel like the time I spent in school is not worth my student loans.


Specializes in Transplant, Med-Surg. Has 3 years experience.

I can definitely understand where you're coming from. After I got my license, it took me 5-6 months to find my first job and it even took close to a year for a few of my nursing friends. It's tough out there so definitely don't be too hard on yourself!

You're already in a BSN program and working, which is a good thing! My tips are:

-Have LOTS of people take a look at your resume. You're reading it over and over again, so a fresh set of eyes can give you a new perspective and catch any errors. It opened me up to different resume styles and helped me refine my own.

-If you're able to take any available classes e.g ACLS, Phlebo, etc. I would definitely take advantage of them. When you're not working for awhile or not in acute care, you are often asked in interviews what you've been doing to further your education or advance yourself in nursing. It also shows initiative to possible employers.

-Network network network. Linkedin, nursing colleagues, professors, clinical instructors. You might meet someone in an ACLS class offered at a hospital who might be a great contact (happened to a friend). Or you could email a former or even current instructor who is affiliated with a hospital for help. Anything helps!

-Be flexible and willing to relocate if your'e able. I applied to several different states which I felt gave me more opportunities, and eventually, I ended up moving for my job.

No one formula is the magic key but just keep your head up. The whole process is frustrating and stressful but don't give up. Your hard work will pay off. Also, make sure to post this in the First Year or Career section! Lots of posts similar to this one and have a lot of great advice :). Good luck!