Frustrated with NSNA at my campus. Suggestions?


My school has a local chapter of the National Student Nurses Association. I was really excited to join but I'm really surprised/disappointed by them. I was expecting it to be about becoming a professional nurse, community health projects, etc. It's actually just a volunteer club that does random events and donations that have nothing to do with nursing. Myself and other members have tried suggesting nursing related events and have complained about the direction the NSNA is going ...but nothing has changed. I'm impressed with the actual national NSNA and I've seen some cool stuff from other chapters. It seems my chapter is just living in it's own little world. The faculty advisor basically uses it for her pet projects.

What does your NSNA chapter do? What are our options as far as filing a complaint go?

Does your NSNA do more nursing oriented activities? At one of our meetings the president literally said the point of the organization was to do volunteer activities... nevermind that there's a mission statement all about developing professionalism and leadership.

I really want to be a part of this organization and have a good experience. I'd love any feedback or advice. Thank you!


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If anybody has suggestions for alternate student nurse association or any professional organizations to be involved in, I would love any recommendations.