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I work as as a full time RD in a SNF.We currently have a consultant RN acting as RNAC for our MDS assessments until a new one is hired.I hope it is soon! For all you coordinators out there...please fill me in how you plan timing for your quarterly assessments to maximize input from all disciplines and the family,using flexibility in the regs.Do you sign of RB2 early sometimes?

As an example,we have a quarterly coming up

FEB.1,the 90th day from the last RB2.I asked this RNAC to at least set the ARD on 1/28 so I could have time to review and sign off my section no earlier than JAN 29. (so all shifts of Jan 28 are considered.) and be prepared to update the careplan on FEB 1 at our resident care conference.She says that if we use this ARD date (JAN 28)that we should all sign off then and wants to use FEB 1.Isn't the ARD just a reference point of time for all disciplines,a date which may or may not be the same as RB2 as long as it is no later than RB2? I am pulling my hair out.HELP!!!!


I can understand your frustration Carol.

We can set the ARD earlier than scheduled.

If Feb. 1 is your scheduled ARD, you can set the ARD maybe 2 days earlier like Jan.30

so that the extra 2 days can be devoted to checking completion and working on the triggered RAPS. R2b is the basis for completion and this date can be within 7 days from ARD. VB2 & 4 should be within 7 days from R2b.

Talk it out with the MDS Coordinator without being too critical. We all are subject to stress and a smile, kind word will really help everybody going.

By the way, I have been an MDS Coordinator from 1996. I am open for criticisms only if they are done nicely. I always encourage the team to speak out and we discuss whatever is bugging anyone in a professional manner.

With MDS/PPS, everyday is a learning is process.

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