Frontier Orientation August 2023

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 I was accepted into Frontier Nursing University the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner program!

I was wondering if there was anybody else that will be the attending orientation in August. I will be flying in from California and was wondering if there are other students traveling as well. To be honest, I am I am a little nervous as I have never flown to Kentucky before and the flight is really long!  Anybody have any insight on the location and diversity? 
Thanks in advance! 


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How did it go for you?

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It was amazing! I was truly impressed with the campus (food & experience) and the wealth of information. There were nurses from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the country. The campus felt safe, we were surrounded by nurses and professors.  Everybody had their own room and key card. The people that said they weren't looking forward to the 3 day orientation (including myself) and had all changed our minds. It's almost necessary.  It was inspiring and the trip confirmed that I chose the right school. Good luck! I hope you get in! 

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