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Frontier Nursing University PMHNP Winter 2021


Hello fellow nurses!

Just seeing who else out there applied to Frontier Nursing University for Winter of 2021?

I applied for the PMHNP Program-Class #198

Thanks! 🤗

I got accepted into PMHNP program, Winter 2021. Have you been accepted yet?

Congratulations! I got accepted into Class 199! 🎉

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On 12/18/2020 at 9:41 PM, SingingSaturn said:

Congratulations! I got accepted into Class 199! 🎉

Hi! Congratulations on getting accepted at FNU. I just applied to the PMHNP set to start this Summer. I am nervous and hope my application is strong enough. May I ask what you think helped you get accepted? Just looking for an inside scoop. Thanks!

Thank you!

From what I've gathered on the Frontier Nursing Hopefuls facebook page (I highly recommend joining!) the admission process is score based so not one particular part of the application is necessarily more important than another. I'd like to think my heartfelt essay expressing how passionate I am about mental health and working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma is what set me apart from other candidates. To give you an inside scoop I'll pass along my stats!

-I have experience as a L&D, eating disorder, and school nurse.

-I've done a lot of volunteer work over the years.

-I got letters of recommendation from MD's who I'm quite certain went above and beyond in their letters for me.

-My BSN GPA was 3.4.  

Good luck and I hope this helped! 


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I've been accepted into the cohort starting Summer 2021 and was hoping some of you who have already started the program this year could share some feedback on how it's going so far, and any advice you may have.

Thank you!