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Frontier Nursing University class 140



Did anyone applied or planning to apply to the class? where are you in the process? what program are you applying for? Lastly, where are you located?

Good luck From GA,

applied as FNP candidate

I am applying to class 142 (August 31-Sept 3), the Frontier Bound one a couple weeks after 140. I imagine we will hear back around the same time. I am applying to the CNM and just got the last of my materials in on Monday. I am in Idaho, but will probably be moving soon (not sure where, it all depends on where hubby gets a job after graduation). I have been reading other threads and it looks like they don't send out notifications until after the deadline and about 6-8 weeks before Frontier Bound. I hope more people join this thread so we can talk with one another :)

I have reapplied for class 140, I'm originally in class 116, had to withdrawal for personal reasons but now I'm ready to finish. It does take approximately 6-8 weeks to be notified.

Great and nice to meet you both. I hope we all get into the program. Let me know your progress as I will do the same. I just got an email that they are considering my application but need all other materials, but I called them letting them that I sent it and I have tracking number for materials. She also said to call her by the end of the day to see if she recieved the materials, but I havent call back yet. I sent my materials on 4/2, but they recieved in mailroom on 4/6. Anyway, I'm curious about when they will notify me. However, I guess patience and anxiety is really going to be tested, lol! I want to move too, but it dpends rather I get in the program or not. We will see. thanks and hear from soon.

Great!, I signed up on the group as well. Also definetely follow-up on friday to see. I do agree about the rolling basis, but they don't. so we have to suffer on waiting the results.


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Hello. I didn't see this thread until after I started a similar thread. I had applied originally for the June Frontier Bound, but I just transferred my file to apply to the August 140 class. I have been following the class 139 thread and it has been nerve racking looking everyday for a response of yes or no!! So here I go again!! I am applying for the WHNP program. I live in Pennsylvania.

Do you all work full time or part time/ if you work? If so are you cutting back hours? I am excited!!! I am glad I found you ladies!!!!!

I am working full time but am going to be moving end of July and starting a new job. I think I am just going to work full time until clinicals get to be too much. We will see how long I last as full-time work and school :wideyed: I feel so bad for the 139 class! I hope they hear soon. That wait is going to be torture when it is time!


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I agree that the wait will be torture and no I am not looking forward to it!!! I have the same thought about work!!! Good luck in your move and new job! Oh and good luck to getting in to Frontier! !!!!

Which program did you apply for?

Midwifery for me :) Yeah I think that I will get burned out pretty quick, but I have to try and see how it goes. And good luck to you too!!

Have any of you ladies heard anything regarding acceptance or denial letters? I called last week (applied for CNM program class 142) and was told they would begin sending letters via email this or next week...the week went by and I heard nothing...I would like to make plans for travel if I will be going!! This makes me feel like they are a little disorganized and I am hoping it isn't like this for school related things!